About Limitless Earth PLC

Limitless Earth plc (AIM: LME)  is listed on AIM as an investment company, pursuing a dynamic strategy to create a portfolio of companies whose growth and success is linked to the world’s changing demographic situation.  We believe there are four key areas to consider.

1. The exponential growth of the global population means there will be an increase in demand for finite resources such as energy, water, food and housing.  Companies involved in the sourcing, transformation and selling of these resources should do well.

2. The global middle class is growing rapidly mainly in emerging economies; we expect that global consumption will follow the same path and are looking carefully at companies that can provide the products and services to meet this demand.

3. Peoples’ consumption habits and lifestyle are changing in both positive and negative ways.  Technological innovations such as the internet, ways of working and increased availability of leisure time are all driving this.  Companies that align themselves with these changes should do well.

4. The number of older people is growing throughout the world – particularly in more developed countries.  This is resulting in a favourable long-term demand factor for companies that provide products and services that cater for the requirements and preferences of older people.

Limitless Earth is headquartered in London.

Limitless Earth’s investing strategy allows it to be either a passive or active investor and the Company’s investment rationale ranges from acquiring minority positions with strategic influence through to larger controlling positions. It is usual for one or more members of the Limitless Earth board to take a seat on the board of the investee companies.