Investor Relations

Who we are
Limitless Earth Plc  is an AIM listed investment company pursuing a dynamic strategy to create a portfolio of companies whose growth and success is linked to the worlds changing demographic situation.  Limitless Earth is headquartered in London.

Investing Policy
The investing policy is to invest principally, but not exclusively, in sectors where changing demographic factors are important drivers of growth.  The Company intends to focus initially on projects located in Europe but will also consider investments in other geographical regions.  The Company may become an active investor, acquire controlling stakes or minority positions.

Investments may be in either quoted or unquoted securities made directly or indirectly in partnerships or joint ventures or into individual assets and can be at any stage of development.

The Company intends to deliver shareholder returns principally through capital growth rather than capital distribution via dividends. Given the nature of the investing policy, the Company does not intend to make additional regular periodic disclosures or calculations of net asset value outside of the requirements for an AIM quoted company.
The Company may offer Shares as well as cash by way of consideration for prospective investments, thereby helping to preserve the Company’s cash position. The Company may, in appropriate circumstances, issue debt securities or borrow money to complete an investment.