Ageing population

The number of older persons has more than tripled since 1950; it will almost triple again by 2050.

We are living through a period of population ageing that is without parallel in the history of humanity according to the UN’s Population Division.  This is due to the combined effects of declining fertility and falling mortality rates.  Population ageing is a reality in nearly all countries of the world, however, the trend is significantly stronger in more developed countries.

Around one in ten people globally were over 60 years old in 1950 – this is expected to increase to more than one in 5 by 2050.


This trend of global population ageing is creating policy headaches for national governments as it impacts on key issues such as the available labour force and national cost of healthcare.  But it also creates opportunities for businesses and investors. The most obvious example is healthcare. Although people are living longer than in the past, the functionality of the human body inevitably declines over time, thereby increasing demand for healthcare products and services.